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How to style with Faux Fur

How chic does faux fur looks? I think it gives a fresh luxurious touch to a classic home styling. Whether summer or winter it gives coziness and texture to your home decor, no matter the color palette you have chosen. Here are my favorite ways to style with it.

1. Pillows

I think faux fur pillows enhance fabric prints when combining the two of them. It's a nice secure way to mix and match textures when you are not sure on how to mix printed pattern pillows.

Via: Decor Pad

2. Furry Stools

Thery're warm, cozy and makes any seat or bed you toss it on incredibly luxurious. The plushiest, the better! I prefer natural/neutral looking colors.

3. Rugs

Stay neutral but add layers. Layering is the key to ensuring it doesn't become flat. You can't go wrong with white linen combined with faux fur.

Via: Ikea Via: 100 Layer Cake

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