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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

Summer is here and we already can smell those dinner parties. Whether it is a porch, roof terrace, patio or balcony the idea of decorating an outdoor space for hosting summer barbecues, gather with friends, or simply relaxing with a glass of wine, sounds like the perfect plan. Here's some décor inspiration.

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1. Plants

To actually feel the outdoors vibe you definitely need to set up some plants. Even in the smallest outdoor spaces it's possible to create a beautiful green vibe. Whether you live in the hub of the city or in the open air of the country you can always transform with clever planting and styling. Work with different colors and textures and unify them with just two types of neutral pots. Make sure to arrange them in a functional way. If you need shade or privacy, you should be placing the large ones in the perimeter, empty corners or on a side of the sitting area. Small potted ones can be placed all together on the floor creating a focal point or just on top of a coffee table.

2. Sitting Area

Most urban living spaces tend to be rather small, so choose furniture with clean lines with a modern appeal. Start with a small table and a couple of chairs or just cushions and throws on the floor (Moroccan style) to maximize the sitting area. This will allow you to have a nice reading nook or a cozy petite entertaining area. If you have enough room, plan it the same way you’d plan an indoor living room. There’s room to sit, to eat, to lounge and whatever else you plan. Both cases make sure to use elements like rugs, pillows and blankets and you'll have the coziest place on earth.

3. Grill

Is there anything better than the smell of a smoky steak sizzling on a grill on a hot summer day? A summer party is not complete without grilling. Before start looking for one, check with the local rules of where you live to know what kind of grill you can have.

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4. Lighting

No need to bring the party indoors after the sun goes down! Lighting is one of the easiest and least-expensive way to add the summer vibe on any outdoor space. Try to use Lanterns. Also I love ping-pong lighting galleries or paper lanterns (a nice DIY project) and of course candles and more candles.

5. Flea Market finds

Are you running out of budget? No need. My advice is before make anything else, the first place you need to visit is a Flea Market. Why? Because it is one of the best places to find unique pieces for your home and most of the time half the price. Just choose furniture with a structure you like, from there, you can always sand it, repaint, add cushions, and make it feel brand new again. Also is the best place to find statement décor elements like lanterns, pots antique mirrors, glassware and frames.


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