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Wine and Paella Weekend!

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip out to Querétaro, México for some extra warm weather and sunshine. We got out of the rainy Mexico City and spent the day with wine & Paella tasting at Finca Vivé by Freixenet Vineyards.

Cava Freixenet, Queretaro, Mexico is one of the best wine vineyard in the whole country, they are the third largest wine producers in Mexico. Their sparkling wine is recognized around the world as one of the best.

“What is the secret of good wine? There isn´t one. The land and the vines give us their best, while we contribute all of our skills of refinement, along with experience and ingenuity.” - José Ferrer Sala, Son of the founders of Freixenet and Honorary President.

Everyday there's available a tour experience but this particular event was a Wine & Paella Festival where restaurants, amateurs and cooker's aspirants gathers around and cooks the best Paella.

We started the day by visitng the 25 meters underground cellars which I have to say has a certain magical allure, followed by a short bike tour through the wineyard.

For those that aren't famirialized with this deliciousness, Paella is a Spanish rice dish with sea food, meat (pork, chicken, rabbit) and beans seasoned with saffron and rosemary.

Have tasted many delicious Paellas but the winner for me is this kinda Paella "soup" from a local restaurant, although it isn't a traditional Paella, it took my heart due to it's warm and fresh ingrdients.

You can get into the Paella & Wine Festival for less than 20 usd and you'll get 1 glass and 2 tasting tickets. Also you can buy your own wine bottle (special deals!) and sit around the Hacienda enjoying a delicious gourmet picnic with friends and family.

You can also find other deliciousness available in addtion to Paella like cheese platters, Spanish Tapas and BBQ.

Find more info about Freixenet and Paella's festival here:


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