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8 Inspiring Home Office Ideas

If you're looking for a stylish home office, these chic essentials will inspire you to create your own perfect workspace!

1. Make a statement: Inspiration Board

Instead of loosing papers around your space, keep a board of all things that inspire you. Pin details like pics, business cards and inspirational quotes. It's beyond inspiring seeing it all in front of you while you work. Whatever your inspiration is, make it visible in your workspace as a constant affirmation of why you're doing what you're doing.

2. Keep desk organized

Clutter encourages more clutter, so the messier a space is, the harder it's to keep clean. Use organizing trays and washy tape to label the cords.

3. Keep a calendar visible

Digital calendars are essential nowadays especially when everything sync through to all of your devices and pop up reminders. But I also like to keep a paper calendar in my workspace. Helps me to visualize activities and deadlines all together. Plus I'm obsess with sticky notes!.

4. Bold Accents

Glam up your workspace by transforming your basic office supplies with this easy DIY spray paint project idea. Love it!

5. Good lighting

Use a statement piece like this golden pendant lights.

6. Style with potted plants

Live plants in a work enviroment help productivity. Use an indoor plant that purify the air.

7. Use Bookshelves

Turn office storage into a beautiful decor element by using baskets and lidded boxes to hide the mess. Mix prettier items with less attractive ones. Stacking magazines and books always helps.

8. Chalkboard wall

A chalkboard accent wall is a lovely idea to have in the office. Utilize this wall to feature all of your activities, inspirational quotes or any kind of messages.

Work it!

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