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14 Beautiful and Inspiring Bedrooms

Way before we were lucky enough to have Pinterest in our lifes, I was already obsessed with bedroom decor. I’ve always liked home decor and interior design, but I think my obsession was born when I was a little younger and enjoyed one of my favorite TV shows in the world: Clarissa Explains it All. She had this amazing cool room decorated with lots of colors, crazy bedding fabrics, posters, the classic lava lamp and her own computer! (was there anything cooler than owning one?). Of course I did that hat hanging wall replica in my own room!. Hope I’m not the only freak around here…!

Since then, I’have been keeping ideas of my dream bedroom and, although my style has been changing a lot since then, now I’ve been going on the same direction for a while and know exactly what I want and how I want it. So, here’s some of my dreamy bedroom inspo!

Sweet dreams!

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