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Spring Roll Salad Bowl

There is still a little bit of summer in the air. So in between the sunny-cloudy skies you might wanna try this recipe out!

I love Spring Rolls. There are many ways to fill them up, but since there is a trend of eating any kind of food prep out of a bowl, I thought why not making a Spring Roll Salad Bowl.

I have to say flavors in this salad are amazing! starting with the marinated chicken and the hoisin sauce.

The way I think is perfect to eat this, is by making some sort of lettuce wraps, by layering each ingredient above the other topped with the hoisin sauce.

There is a lot of ingredients in this dish but I can assure you it is very easy and it doesn't take more than 20 minutes to achieve it. Check out the original recipe here: Half Baked Harvest


Serves 1 big bowl

For marinating chicken:

  • 250 grs of chicken breast cut in tenders, skinless and boneless.

  • 2 Tbs soy sauce

  • 1 tbs brown sugar

  • 1/2 Tbs curry powder

  • 1/2 Tbs fresh lime juice

  • 1 tbs sesame oil

  • 1 small garlic clove, minced

For the Hoisin dip:

  • 1 tbs fresh ginger, grated

  • 1 small garlic clove, grated

  • 1/2 serrano chile, seeded, finely chopped

  • 1 Tbs hoisin sauce

  • 1 Tbs rice vinegar

  • 1 Tbs honey

  • 1 Tbs sesame oil

  • 1 tbs fish sauce

  • 1 Tbsp peanut butter

For the veggie bowl

  • 1/2 cup vermicelli noodles

  • 1/2 avocado, sliced

  • 1 small carrot, thin julienne cutted

  • 1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into sticks

  • a handfull of french lettuce

  • 1 stalk of lemongrass, sliced

  • 1 stalk of scallions, sliced

  • 1 Tbs sesame seeds

  • 1 Tbs cashews


1. Combine the marinade ingredients in a bowl and marinate chicken for 10 minutes, then cook them in a hot pan.

2. Combine the hoisin sauce ingredients until nice and smooth and reserve for later.

3. Cook vermicelli noodles in hot boiling water for about 5 minutes, then drain.

4. Place in a bowl all the veggies, noodles and chicken.

5. Garnish with coriander.


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