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7 Reasons why we are so obsessed with Marble.

What is it about marble that got us so in love?

Lately I'm all about white/gray marble as you can tell if you follow me at Instagram.

It photographs food amazingly! Having a marble countertop is perfect for me because it also adds texture to the pic.

Anyways, how cool this marble trend is? Personally I love it, I've seen it everywhere, from notebooks and laptop cases to pottery and clothes. So, here are some of my fave marble items.

1. 'cause it makes us look better!

2. 'cause it makes our instagram's #flatlays better

3. 'cause we can wear it!

4. Jewerly too!

5. 'cause we can style with it!

6. 'cause it's a must have kitchentool

7. 'cause you can eat it!

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