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Hi stranger!

It's been a while, huh?

It's now over a year ago since  I made my last video/post; I knew that I was going to stop -for the reason I'll be explaining in a minute- but I never thought it would take that long!

If you're wondering where I've been, well here it is:

We've (my bae  and I) got into the most challenging and gratifying journey of all times: we built a house! At first, it was only going to be a reno but we ended up building it almost from scratch! Since it was supposed to take just a few months, I thought not making  a big deal of it and tell you guys that I was going to be absent for a couple of weeks; also I was supposed to upload at least 1 video every month, but at the end it really wasn't possible. Between architects, engineers and contractors, I never imagined how absorbing this would become for us. Every single day we did something related, starting from demolition to applying tiles; it was absolutely crazy! Almost everything was DIY except the structure; it sounds insane, I know, but the results are priceless! Looking back I never thought I could have this amount of energy but we made it, after one and a half years we finally moved into our first owned place! Of course I currently have no kitchen, the guest bathroom and the spare room aren’t finished yet, but hey! we're certainly not living in my mom's living room!

The good news is, we've just started with the kitchen! So in about 8 to 9 weeks we'll be able to start shooting again (hope so), and I'm so excited, I didn't know how much I missed YouTube and the blog until the possibility of coming back seemed real.

When I first started the blog I wanted to create interior design content. I managed to put together some posts and a couple of videos, but the lack of natural light in my previous apartment wasn't ideal, so I continued to shoot food related content because it felt easier. Anyways, now I have a hell of a lot design stuff I can't wait to show you, and take you into the journey of how we turned a house into our home. So stay tuned!

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